Pianos Become The Teeth - Old Pride

Mint Green /200

White w/ Green Mix /300

Clear /250

Brown w/ White Mix /250

Pink Marble /100

Translucent Amber /300

Translucent Red /200

White w/ Red Haze /300

To celebrate the new pre-order for Pianos Become Teeth’s new LP, I have decided to snap some shots of my ALMOST complete Old Pride collection. I am missing the yellow Euro tour press and awaiting for my Gold / Maroon copy to arrive from Topshelf! 

If anyone has the yellow Euro press, please get in touch with me!

Enjoy guys, and thanks to everyone for the support with my page. It means a lot.

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    That mint is so beautiful, looking to pick up another pressing at the next show.
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    Tengo el dorado manchado :3
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    hell yeah, translucent amber
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    Pianos Become The Teeth :(
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